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  • The roots of the tree resemble electrical circuitry.  This symbolizes how STEM can be an anchor to many and how we Reach In to build up our team. 

  • The trunk of the tree unifies our digital roots and our natural branches, exemplifying  how STEM also extends beyond the traditional technology realm and influences all aspects of life.  The trunk is also symbolizes our mission to Reach Up to nearby colleges and universities as well as business and industry to make sure our graduates are prepared for their futures.  

  • Topping off the tree are our branches.  These branches represent the many areas of STEM that our graduates could pursue.  They branch outward symbolizing how we Reach Out into our community to spread the joy of STEM, to help grow our industry.  

  • Lastly, the background colors behind the tree are the traditional colors associated with ethnic equality.  We realize that STEM industries struggle to find a diverse balance in gender and race. These colors remind us that we must constantly strive to find innovative ways to Reach our underrepresented populations.

We are Reach Robotics


Logo History: In 2017, Eaton HS Robotics developed a new mission and vision statement and rebranded as Reach Robotics.  We sampled a few different logos and our CEO at the time -- Skye Jordan -- came up with the idea of a tree.  She got together with the team and worked out how the tree represents our mission and the team decided to incorporate a tree as the primary feature of the logo as shown and described above!

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