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2021 Demo Daze
Construction and Demolition (C&D) materials consist of the debris generated during the construction, renovation and demolition of buildings, roads, and bridges. How we manage these C&D materials makes up a significant part of the engineering effort on any construction or demolition site. Additional concerns such as site safety and preserving parts of an existing environment lead us to seek the next BEST innovation using robotics. BEST Robotics is experimenting with how robotics can be used to perform the complex and safety critical tasks on construction and demolition sites. Robots that can accomplish tasks such as demolition, waste removal and recycling, and site safety installations will improve efficiency and safety at these sites. The ability to complete the work while avoiding unnecessary damage or disturbance to areas that are not targeted for demolition and to work autonomously in the highly unsafe areas will provide the most valuable improvements in the world of construction.  Click on the Banner up top to visit our national sponsor: B.E.S.T. Robotics.
Autonomous Programming Challenge

This year's competition is all autonomous.  The robot must be programmed to operate without human interaction, using only the sensors that are onboard!

In phase 1, we will have 75 seconds to secure the construction site and make it safe for workers.  The robot will have to pick up 4 fence panels and deliver them to their destinations across the field.  It will then have to install each of 3 light poles into a designated zone.

In phase 2, we will have 60 seconds to remove debris from known locations on the field.  Some of the debris items are refuse, while some are recyclable.  The robot will have to determine the type of debris and deliver the refuse to the trash pile.

In phase 3, the robot will have 60 seconds to sort debris from known locations on the field.  Some of the debris is recyclable and needs to be delivered to the recycle dumpster, while the rest of it is reusable material and must make it's way to the reuse staging area.

In phase 4, the robot will perform the same tasks as phase 3, but the location of the debris is unknown and randomized between rounds.  For this task, the robot will have 180 seconds.

In phase 5, the robot will have to operate in an environmentally sensitive area.  It will have to do the same tasks as in phase 4, also sorting debris from random locations.  In this round, however, two trees at random locations must also be avoided. The robot will have 200 seconds to complete the site cleanup.

In phase 6, the robot will have to accomplish all of the tasks in phase 5 and phase 1 combined.  For this phase, the robot can take as much time as needed; however, the overall completion time will serve as a score tie-breaker.

2021 - 2022 Results


B.E.S.T. Robotics - Demo Daze 2021

Autonomous Programming Challenge

Robotics IMGL1085_edited.jpg

Denton County Hub:

1st Place - BEST Award (Overall Score)

1st Place Robot Head-to-head competition

1st Place Engineering Notebook

1st Place Marketing Presentation

1st Place Marketing Exhibit Booth

1st Place Website

1st Place Critical Design Review 

Demo Daze Outreach
We were able to share the love of robotics and S.T.E.A.M. learning with our feeder school -- Schluter Elementary during their annual founder's day celebration #carlDay21.  We allowed the kids to drive our competition robot from the 2019 Off The Grid Competition, play a DemoDaze Matlab simulator coded for Gamepad control, leave their mark on our uniform, and play our Java-based Greenfoot simulation you can try out here
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