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Warehouse Robot

For 30 years Squeaky has been the robot mascot for BEST Robotics, Inc. Squeaky’s name came from a caster wheel that was slightly burned during construction and caused a distinct squeak sound when the caster wheel rotated on the demonstration robot. Squeaky has participated in many of the past BEST games, but this year Squeaky needs your help. The field includes four tracks, each with a partially completed copy of Squeaky. Squeaky will need to have parts added to be able to collect various robot pieces that are needed to fulfill orders.

Specifically, teams are tasked with:
• Prepare for order fulfillment by moving order boxes into appropriate locations
• finishing the assembly of Squeaky, also known as the Field Robot
• using the team constructed Team Robot to control the Field Robot
• using the Field Robot to collect robot parts to fulfill orders.


The field consists of a square area that is approximately 23 ft on a side as shown in Figure 3.1. Detailed  dimensions and specifications for the field are provided separately in the field drawing package. Each  team has a robot starting area in a corner of the field and areas for the driver and spotter. Each team uses the track-based Field Robot to collect game pieces to fulfill orders. The track closest to a  robot starting area is assigned to the team using that starting area as shown in Figure 3.2. 


2022 - 2023 Results

Cowtown Hub:

  • 2nd Place B.E.S.T. Award

  • Best of Texas State UIL Championship Qualifier


B.E.S.T. of Texas State UIL Championship:

  • 4th Place UIL large-school division

  • Lockheed Martin Top Marketing Presentation Award

  • The University of Texas at Dallas Software Design Award

  • BEST of Texas Robotics Sportsmanship Award

B.E.S.T. National Championship:

  • 1st Place Spirit and Sportsmanship

  • 29 / 135 overall B.E.S.T. Award

Celebrate 2022-2023

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