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08/2019 - Present

Kenzie Coronado

Chief Executive Officer

McKenzie is going to be a senior at EHS and a leader both in robotics and in our EHS band color guard. She joined in the second semester of her freshman year. Two years later she was voted construction lead as a junior and now will be our CEO. She is very motivated and excited to lead the next year and chapter of Reach Robotics.


08/2021- Present

Garrett Randall

Chief Operations Officer

Garrett will be a Junior and our new COO next year at EHS. He joined the robotics team as a freshman and jumped right in to help the team in a difficult year as we ventured into the Matlab virtual robot competition, helping to lead us to a national programming championship win!


08/2022 - Present

Selena O'Boyle

Chief Financial Officer

Selena will be a junior at EHS and the new CFO in Robotics. She found her passion in accounting through the finance pathway and went to state for DECA.


01/2022 - Present

Mallory Hitchcock

Construction Lead

Mallory will be a Senior and the Reach Robotics’ construction lead for the ‘23-’24 school year. She joined robotics as a Junior as a part of the construction team. She jumped right into the competition and was open to all the new experiences robotics had to offer. She is very excited to lead the construction team in the upcoming season.


08/2022 - Present

Jennifer Nguyen

Design Lead

Jennifer will be a sophomore and our design team lead next year at EHS. She joined the robotics team as a freshman and got to working with the difficult Fusion 360 quickly, producing quality designs.


01/2020 - Present

Ansley McArthur

Programming Lead

Ansley will be a Junior and our new Programming Lead next year at EHS. She joined robotics in the middle of her seventh-grade year and over time she found her passion for programming, she was on the team that won the National Championship, and the team that got first for software design at state.



Ashritha Makireddy

Marketing Lead

Hi, my name is Ashritha Makireddy and I am going to be a senior next year at EHS. I am the new Marketing Lead for the 23-24 school year. I joined the Robotics team as a sophomore and worked with the Marketing team for the past two years. I have worked and met many people and have greatly benefitted by being part of this wonderful team!



Keona Castillo

Documentation Lead

Keona will be a senior and our new documentation lead next year at EHS. She joined the robotics team as a sophomore as a part of the construction team, partaking in the design process and in the construction of the robot. This year she will be focused on documenting the progress and creations of the group during competition season in the engineering notebook. She is excited to work with the whole team to ensure a high quality representation of the team is shown to the BEST Robotics judges through the notebook.



Aljin Baskota

Safety and Spirit Lead

Aljin will be a Senior next year and our new Safety and Spirit Lead. As the leader of Spirit and Safety for his robotics team, Aljin ensures that his team members are not only technically proficient but also emotionally and physically prepared for competition. With his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to safety, he motivates his team to perform at their best while keeping safety as their top priority.



Prince Shrestha

Outreach Coordinator

Prince will be a Senior next year and our new Outreach Coordinator. As a liaison for Reach Robotics, Prince is committed to helping middle school students discover their passion for robotics. He uses his experience to provide guidance and support to young team members, helping them develop their skills and achieve success in the exciting world of robotics.


08/2021 - Present

Krisha Wesselman

Social Media Manager

Krisha is an upcoming senior and is the new publicity manager for Eaton High School's Reach Robotics. As the new publicity manager for the organization, Krisha is tasked with advertising the values of Reach Robotics, as well as showcasing the events that take place throughout the year. She manages the organization's page on various platforms such as instagram, tik tok, and even Twitter.


01/2021 - Present

Chapin Tremor

Web Designer

Chapin will be a senior next year and our new web developer. Chapin, a dedicated rookie web developer who is passionate about creating innovative and user-friendly websites. Driven by his curiosity and desire to learn, Chapin spends his free time exploring new technologies. Despite being a rookie, Chapin is a team player and possesses excellent communication skills, and enjoys collaborating with others.

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