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08/2022 - Present

Selena O'Boyle

Chief Executive Officer

Selena will be a junior at EHS and the new CFO in Robotics. She found her passion in accounting through the finance pathway and went to state for DECA.


08/2021- Present

Garrett Randall

Chief Operations Officer

Garrett will be a Junior and our new COO next year at EHS. He joined the robotics team as a freshman and jumped right in to help the team in a difficult year as we ventured into the Matlab virtual robot competition, helping to lead us to a national programming championship win!


08/2019 - Present

Matthew Okello

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew serves as the CFO of his high school robotics team, bringing a background in computer engineering and STEM to the table. With a focus on technical expertise and strategic planning, he is dedicated to advancing the team's goals. As a rising junior, Matthew is committed to driving innovation in robotics, while also pursuing his interests in music and leveraging his marketing experience


01/2022 - Present

Aden Baylor

Construction Lead

Aden will be a Junior and the Reach Robotics construction lead for the 24-25 school year. He joined robotics as a sophomore as a part of the construction team. He jumped right into the competition and was open to all the new experiences robotics had to offer. He is very excited to lead the construction team in the upcoming season.


08/2022 - Present

Jennifer Nguyen

Design Lead

Jennifer will be a sophomore and our design team lead next year at EHS. She joined the robotics team as a freshman and got to working with the difficult Fusion 360 quickly, producing quality designs.


01/2020 - Present

Ansley McArthur

Programming Lead

Ansley will be a Junior and our new Programming Lead next year at EHS. She joined robotics in the middle of her seventh-grade year and over time she found her passion for programming, she was on the team that won the National Championship, and the team that got first for software design at state.


08/2022 - Present

Samragyee Bhandari

Marketing Lead

Samragyee Bhandari is am an upcoming junior at EHS and honored to be the marketing lead for the 24-25 school year. She is most excited to work alongside her team to win our competition. She joined Robotics in 2023 as a sophomore and worked with the marketing presentation team and our CFO to prepare for the competition. She gained invaluable experiences, made new friendships, and learned many life lessons and practical skills during her time on this incredible team!


01/2022 - Present

Kate Flanery

Documentation Lead

Kate will be a Senior and our new Documentation Lead for the 24-25 season at EHS. She joined the robotics team as a sophomore and will bring her skills in writing and research to the team. Kate helped the Documentation Team win Top Project Engineering Notebook at the State competition in 2023 and as the team continues to grow together with new experiences, she hopes to spark inspiration in this new chapter of Robotics


01/2023 - Present

Shyntia Bhattarai

Outreach Lead

Shyntia Bhattarai will be a senior and our new Outreach Lead for the 2024-2025 season at Eaton High school. She joined Robotics as a sophomore and worked with the marketing team to prepare the booth for the competition. She is very excited to work with each sub-team and help new recruits in the upcoming season.

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