Starting in 2018, Reach Robotics moved on to the next phase developing our brand identity.  We realized at competitions that the t-shirt was not enough to help us distinguish ourselves and that our Eaton High School green was easy to pick out of a crowd!  So, under the leadership of then C.E.O. Tori Gonzales, we embraced our Eagle heritage and designed our new uniforms! 


When members first join the team, they have 3 options to choose from:  overalls, coveralls, or long lab coat.  Whichever you choose, buy white, 100% cotton and follow the dying instructions below.  


You'll need:

  • Rit Dye ProLine Powder Dye- Dark Green and Yellow

  • 1 tablespoon detergent

  • 1 cup epsom salt

  • A large tub

  • Gloves

  • Spoon

  1. Prewash uniform (without softener)

  2. Prepare dye- for every pound of material, use 2 full scoops of dye (little scoop comes in the bag). Divide scoops by ratio of 2 yellow : 1 green

  3. Fill a plastic bucket with extremely hot water (but still safe to touch)- for every pound of material, 3 gallons of water

  4. Add dye solution to water and stir

  5. Add epsom salt and detergent

  6. Stir consistently for 30 minutes

  7. After stirring, rinse with cold water until water runs clean

  8. Wash alone or with an old towel and dry

  9. Customize it with your own flare and welcome to the team!