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Beyond food, air, and water, one commodity is essential to enable our civilization. It surrounds us, we use it day and night, yet rarely think about it. When natural disaster takes it away, it is one of the highest priorities for us to get back. Our challenge was to create an all-purpose system to repair the electric grid when a catastrophe happens -- to repair aerial high voltage lines, residential lines and underground buried cables -- using only the parts provided in our kit!

Our Engineering Notebook


Our Results


Denton County Hub Competition:

  • UIL Group 2 State Qualifier

  • B.E.S.T. Award Runner-up

  • 1st Place Marketing Exhibit Booth

  • 2nd Place Marketing Oral Presentation


B.E.S.T. of Texas / UIL State Championship

  • 3rd Place Marketing Exhibit Booth

Our Highlight Reel

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