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Competition Overview

As the healthcare industry is still recovering from our modern history's most intensive stress test, BEST believes that advances in technology and innovation will continue to improve proficiency and quality in the future of medical care. Minimally invasive surgery is one such advancement that is taking hold in surgery rooms throughout the world. Extending a surgeon’s abilities through robotics allows complex surgeries with minimal invasiveness to the patient. Robots enter the body through small incisions and aid the surgeon in performing some otherwise complex tasks requiring great precision. These robots become the eyes and hands of the surgeon, allowing very delicate operations to take place inside the body.

This year's contest field simulated the human body and our robots were tasked with performing simulations of these intricate, life-saving operations.

2024-04-12 11_32_52-2023_BEST_Competition_Rules_v1.0.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro (64-bit).png

2023 - 2024 Results

Cowtown Hub:

  • 2nd Place B.E.S.T. Award

  • 3rd Place Robot Competition

  • Best of Texas State UIL Championship Qualifier


B.E.S.T. of Texas State UIL Championship:

  • 5th Place UIL large-school division

  • 1st Place Engineering Notebook

  • 1st Place Software Development Award

  • Judges Choice Award for Robot Design

  • Founders Award for Creative Design

  • Lockheed Martin Top Spirit and Sportsmanship

B.E.S.T. National Championship:

  • 1st Place Spirit and Sportsmanship

  • 38 / 122 overall B.E.S.T. Award

Celebrate 2023 - 2024

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